ELEC 241 Grading

Grades are based on three quizzes, the homework, and a final. Weekly homework sets will be graded for credit only if turned in by the due date. Understanding and solving the problems on the homework sets may be performed in groups, especially in problem sessions, but each student should prepare his/her solutions individually. A take-home final is due at the end of the finals period.

Each homework problem is worth 10 points. Homework will be separately averaged and normalized to a 100 maximum, the grading standard for quizzes and the final. One section of the final will contain problem(s) relating to material covered in the first quiz. The greater performance, whether on Quiz 1 or on this section of the final, will become your first quiz’s grade. All other quiz grades will be final, and included in the course average in the usual way.

Grading Weights
Quizzes 3 (1 each)
Homework 1
Final 2
Total 6

Final grades will be assigned as follows:

Average Letter Grade
>85 A
>70 B
>55 C
>45 D